Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373

Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373


11th August, 2021

The Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management (Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD) is a quarterly publication. RIGD's objectives focus on developing, promoting, and disseminating the science and practice of sport management. RIGD does not charge any fees for publishing and processing articles.

Volume 13, Issue 4, 2023

13(4), 2023

Original Article
The influence of co-creation on trust and satisfaction in football schools Lucas de Souza Roos, Marcelo Curth, Gustavo Roese Sanfelice, Vera Pedragosa Co-creation, Trust, Satisfaction, Soccer schools.
Sources of resources and, engagement in social networks and media exposure of teams participating in the National Futsal League 2021 João Paulo Gonçalves da Costa Silva, Edson Hirata, Fernando Augusto Starepravo Futsal, Sports marketing, Social networks.
Sport management “a look at the sport managerIn the current professional context” Paulo Ventura Students, Sociodemographic Profile, Manager, Sports Management.

Influence of Cooperative Games on Inclusion Rosa Souza da Silva, Roberto Ferreira dos Santos, Roberto Poton Martins Competitiveness, Cooperation, Physical Education, School, Inclusion, Cooperative Games.
Smart cities as promoters of quality of life, physical activity, and health: Analysis of the city hosting COP 30 - Belém Carla Isabel Paula da Rocha de Araújo, Gabriel Amorim Machado, Lucila Silva da Silva, Aline da Silva Oliveira Local development, Public policies, Innovation.
Physical Education and its contribution to Agenda 2030: a systematic review Carlos Felipe Cunha Paula, Marcelle Cabral Volpasso, Roberto Poton Martins, Renata de Sá Osborne da Costa Physical Education, School; Agenda 2030, Sustainable development.

Signs and Symptoms of Overtraining Syndrome in military personnel: an analysis of risks and prevention strategies Francisco Lima D'Urso, Adalgiza Mafra Moreno, Martha Copolillo, Thiago Teixeira Guimarães Overtraining Syndrome, Chronic stress, Fatigue, Overload, Military personnel.


Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva


Published by:
Universidade Salgado de Oliveira


11th August, 2021
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