Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373

Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373

The Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management (Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD) is a quarterly publication. RIGD's objectives focus on developing, promoting, and disseminating the science and practice of sport management. RIGD does not charge any fees for publishing and processing articles.

Volume 10, Issue 1, 2020

10(1), 2020


Editorial Lamartine DaCosta RIGD; Science; Management

Original Article

Volunteer management at an adapted sports event: motivation, expectations, participation, and intention to repeat the experience Ana Rodrigues, Jorge Soares Sports management; Sports event; Voluntary.

Investment in Public Sport and Leisure Policies in the City of Rio de Janeiro Edimilson Santos dos Santos Funding; Public Policies; Sport

Crisis in scientific research funding in Brazil: What are the impacts in Sports and Leisure’s field? Maria Clara Elias Polo, Giselle Helena Tavares Leisure Activities; Sports; Public Financing; Research.

Sport as a generator of Entrepreneurship Luis Enrique David, Natali Cruz Sport; Entrepreneurship; Company

Financing of Sport by Local Authorities in Portugal: Analysis from 1990 to 2016 Edimilson Santos dos Santos, Maria José Carvalho, Alisson Gomes dos Santos Sport. Investment. Local Authorities. Policy.

Managers Profile of the Football Clubs of Fortaleza City – Brazil Kleber Augusto Ribeiro, Emmanuel Alves Carneiro, Robson de Oliveira Marinho
Dynamics and Value of School Sport in the context of La Salle Manaus School Management Lúcia Paiva, Maria José Carvalho, Paula Batista Sport Management; School Management; School Sport; Educational Institution.

Sports Financing: Analysis of Agreements signed in Municipalities of the State of São Paulo Marco Aurelio Gonçalves Nobrega dos Santos, Elisabete dos Santos Freire Financing; Budget; Public policies; Sport.

Sports Manager Profile of Brazilian Archery Federations Luiz Claudio de Sousa Laurentino, Marcos Antonio Barros Filho, Yves de Holanda Batista de Miranda, Victor Henrique Rodrigues Silva, Carlos Augusto Mulatinho de Queiroz Pedroso Sport Manager; Manager Profile; Sport Management; Archery.

The profile of presidents in the sports organizations of the Azores autônomos region André Soares, Mário Coelho Teixeira Human resources; Sports manager; Sports clubs; Profile; Functions.


Analysis of the Strategies used by the Gyms Managers aiming to capture, retention and recovery of Customers Rodolfo de Azevedo Raiol Management; Fitness centers; Marketing; Customer acquisition; Customer retention

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva


Published by:
Universidade Salgado de Oliveira & Universidade do Porto


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