Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373

Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD (Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management) ISSN 2237-3373


11th August, 2021

The Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management (Revista Intercontinental de Gestão Desportiva - RIGD) is a quarterly publication. RIGD's objectives focus on developing, promoting, and disseminating the science and practice of sport management. RIGD does not charge any fees for publishing and processing articles.

Volume 13, Issue 3, 2023

13(3), 2023

Original Article
Students of the degree in sport management's perception of integration in the job market Paulo José Santos Ventura Students, Sociodemographic Profile, Manager, Sports Management.
Birthplace as a factor of influence for the sporting success of Brazilian Olympic gymnasts  Mateus Henrique de Oliveira, Bruna Lindman Bueno, Letícia Bartholomeu de Queiroz Lima Gymnastics; Olympic Games; Hometown; Sport Management.
Areninhas and Rede Cuca: Analysis of Popular Participation in Public Sports and Leisure Policies in the City of Fortaleza/Ceará-Brazil  Basílio Rommel Almeida Fechine, Andreyson Calixto de Brito, Antônio Ulisses Sousa Júnior, Thaylane Bastos Santos Fechine Popular participation, Sport, Leisure, City of Fortaleza, Public policies.

Stress Management: from Sports Science to People Management Thiago Teixeira Guimarães Fatigue, Exhaustion, Distress, Overtraining, Overreaching
Quality of service in gyms - fitness centers: literature review Jorge Mario Rondón Herrán, Victor Alfonso Ortiz Villavicencio Service quality, Gym - fitness center, Sports setting, Perceived value, Satisfaction
Prevention of ACL injuries in professional soccer athletes: a systematic review Felipe Silva dos Santos, Emily Caroline de Oliveira Aguiar, Bruno Leonardo Simões da Costa Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Soccer, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries, Tertiary Prevention.
Inclusion in school physical education: a look at diversity José Vanderlin Nascimento Miranda, Carlos da Silva, Roberto Poton Martins Physical activity, Methodologies, Diversity, Inclusive society
Athletism and the sport education model: a systematic review Caio Henrique de Santana Silva, Bruno Ribeiro Ramalho de Oliveira, Roberto Poton Martins Physical activity, Education, Pedagogical Methods, athletics

What is sports management in the digital age? Digital era, uberization, disruptive innovation, transition management

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva


Published by:
Universidade Salgado de Oliveira


11th August, 2021
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