Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
Current EditionCurrent EditionVol. 28, n.5

Sebastião V. Canevarolo Jr.


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Associação Brasileira de Polímeros - ABPol

ABPol celebrated 30 years of foundation in 2018!

The trajectory of the Association is published in a special article in the 5th edition of 2018 of Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia. 

Access and know our history: https://issuu.com/polimeros/docs/v28n5


The Impact Factor of Polímeros

Message to all members of the Editorial Council of Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia.

October 30th, 2018


Since 2014 the Impact Factor (IF) of Polímeros has been exhibiting constant growth and now reaches 0.7. (Figure 1). This fact is a consequence of several actions developed in recent years but was only reached by the contribution of the researchers who chose Polymers to disseminate their research results and by the invaluable collaboration of the referees who analyze the submitted papers. In addition to commemorating and thanking everyone who makes the journal, Polímeros invites contributors to continue to give prestige to our magazine and together seek new levels of success.

Figure1: Impact factor (IF) - Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia .


The President of the Editorial Council

Antonio Aprigio S. Curvelo

Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia

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