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Cutis Verticis Gyrata Secondary to Cerebriform Intradermal Naevus: A rare entity and its Management

Jia Yuan Lee, Shawatul Akhma Harun Nor Rashid, Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman, Nor Hayati Yunus, Ikmal Hisyam Bakrin

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Cutis verticis gyrata (CVG) is a rare skin disorder characterised by thick skin folds and grooves, resembling the gyri and sulci of the cerebral cortex. It can be classified as primary essential, primary non-essential and secondary CVG. The rarity of the condition poses a challenge in the diagnosis and ultimately requires good communication between the clinician and the dermatopathologist for diagnosis. Many names have been given to the condition, including Robert-Unna syndrome, cutis verticis plicata, paquidemia verticis gyrata, cutis sulcata, cutis striata or “bulldog” scalp syndrome. To date, the treatment is still limited to plastic surgeons with excision of the folds, scalp reduction and reconstruction.
In this article, we are sharing a rare case and the surgical management of a middle age gentleman with cutis verticis gyrata secondary to cerebral intradermal nevus (CIN) over his occipital scalp.


Cutis verticis gyrata; Cerebriform intradermal nevus; Bulldog scalp syndrome


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